Day #171: Mr Gaw-det…

… you Americans always butcher the French language. It’s frigging ‘Gow-day’. Mr Gaudet. Tay Tay, back me up.

We’re reading Property in English. It’s a good read if you like books. I don’t. Speaking of, don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but my phone has whole books on it! Digital copies of course, technologically impaired duck, but a rather good selection! I got Dracula, The Scarlet Letter, Jane Eyre, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, A Tale Of Two Cities, and this random one about wolves or something. I’ve had a browse, but words are difficult. I’m tired.

English was a joke. Good old Joyce tried to get us to do an essay after the break but everyone just went ‘NO’ so she gave it to us for homework. Hands up who’s going to do it… no one? Ok! Joycey was all, ‘I’m not normally such a pushover…’ and I was like oh what EVER Joyce! She always lets us go fifteen minutes before the end because twenty minutes in everyone’s suicidal. Three hours of lit on a Friday afternoon is my definition of FML. After my book fell on the floor that was it for me and I spent the rest of the lesson eating cherry drops and drawing a piss take picture of our film class with Pip. If film is a doss subject, it’s a boss doss.

TOTD: quikipedia - ‘Loch Ness is long enough and deep enough to hold the entire human population of the world more than 18 times over’


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